Gravity Wall Furnace with PilotPro™; The Industry’s Only Patent-Pending Battery Ignition Pilot!

Cozy is excited to introduce the industry’s only battery-operated pilot ignition system! With PilotPro™, the pilot light is lit only when needed, increasing the furnace’s energy efficiency by as much as 2%! This also leads to an average cost savings of $75* per year on gas bills. In the event of a pilot outage, PilotPro™ relights the pilot on demand, eliminating the need for manual relighting or emergency contractor calls. Requiring only 2 D batteries to operate, the batteries can be easily replaced by removing the cover, no tools required. The Gravity Wall Furance with PilotPro™ comes with all of the quality and reliable features of Cozy’s Gravity Wall Furnace, now with all the innovation and benefits of PilotPro™!

The PilotPro™ is currently available on the Gravity Wall Furnace (Models: W255GPPD, W355GPPD, W505GPPD) or as the PilotPro™ Kit (#PPKNG01), which is compatible with all Cozy Gravity Wall Furnaces. Click here to shop the kit!


NEW PilotPro™ Features

Eliminates Standing Pilots
With PilotPro™, the pilot light is no longer running 24/7, and is now only lit when needed

Eco-Friendly & Efficient 
Adding the PilotPro™ increases the heater’s efficiency by up to 2%

Annual Gas Cost Savings
Save up to $75* per year on gas bills with PilotPro™

No More Manual Relighting
PilotPro™ relights the pilot on demand, eliminating the need for manual relighting and improving safety

Easy Installation
When purchased with the Gravity Wall Furnace, installation is done in 4 simple steps, adding only a maximum of 30 minutes on to installation time

Low Maintenance
PilotPro™ requires only 2 D batteries (included) to operate. Changing the batteries is easy thanks to thumb screws, no tools required!

Gravity Wall Furnace Features

Baked Enamel Finish in Modern White Shade
Resists fading and cleans easily with a damp cloth

Resettable Blocked Flue Safety Decide
Automatically shuts the unit off in the vent of flue blockage or incorrect vent installation

“Unibody” Grill Construction
Heavy gauge steel eliminates heat warpage

430 Stainless Steel, Ported Burner
Provides quiet ignition/extinction and excellent flame characteristics for Natural and LP Gas

Low BTU Pilot
Durably constructed of stainless steel and provides maximum efficiency during standby

Continuous Seam Welded Combustion Chamber
Maximizes heat transfer and is warranted for ten (10) years

Optional Thermostatically Controlled Fan
Available for single and dual wall furnaces to enhance air circulation

Wall Thermostat Standard
Built-in Bulb Stat Control

10 Year Warranty
Cozy offers a 10 Year Warranty on chamber and burner


Replaces: Williams Monteray Home Furnaces (Model #s: 2509821, 2509822, 3509821, 3509822, 5009821, 5009822) and Empire Heating Systems (Model #s: GWT25/35W, GWT50W)

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Chromium, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer, and Lead, which is known to the state of California to cause birth defects or reproductive harm. For more information, go to

*Assuming a 7.2 therm savings per month (per “High Efficiency Natural Gas Wall Furnace Field Evaluation” Valmiki, Esser) and Southern California Residential Service Rates.

Model SpecificationsAccessoriesImportant
Natural Gas Only
Type Control
M. Volt / M. Volt
M. Volt
BTU Input / Hr
25000 / 35000
Vent Size (Oval)
4”/ 4”
Gas Inlet
1/2” / 1/2”
Unit Dimensions
16-1/2” / 16-1/2”
68-3/8” / 68-3/8”
6-1/2” / 6-1/2”
Shipping Weight
90 lbs / 90 lbs
134 lbs
Rear Register Kit
40542 / 40542
5 lbs / 5 lbs
Fan Kit
WFF81 / WFF81
10 lbs / 10 lbs
10 lbs
High Altitude Kit #
*One or two fan kits may be used on dual-wall furnace.
Automatic Fan Kit
Model #: WFF81C
Weight: 10 lbs
Rear Register Kit
Single Wall Only
Model #: 40542A
Weight: 5 lbs
Single Wall Only
Model #: FSKA
Weight: 24 lbs
GWF Bulb Stat Kit
Model #: BBSK
Weight: 1 lb
4OVK 4in BWoval Vent Kit
4” BW Oval Vent Kit
Model #: 4OVK
Weight: 9 lbs
Remote Control Thermostat
Model #: 3003P
Weight: 1 lb
important Important
  • Dual Wall Units will accept two fan kits.
  • Wall furnace components must not be interchanged or mixed to make a complete furnace.
  • Combustion chamber and burners carry a ten-year limited warranty. All other parts carry a one-year limited warranty.
  • Massachusetts Approval G3-0613-640.
  • Read the owner’s manual before use/installation.
  • Check local codes and ordinances for permitted uses.
  • Installation and servicing recommended by a qualified service person.
  • Please consult installation manual for clearances prior to installation.
  • Venting must comply with the installation manual.
  • Please read the warranty for any limitations or disclaimers.
  • Cozy Heating Systems LLC reserves the right to amend product specifications without notice.